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image 12“As long as I can remember I was always surrounded by art.  

My Father left the Philippines for the United States when we were young . At the age of 14  I started taking painting lessons from my father.  He taught me not only how to paint, but also how to teach  I made a decision to try to make it as a professional artist. It was during a trip to Hawaii that I got my first break.  I found a gallery to represent my work.  That quickly led to other galleries on the outer islands.  I was now selling paintings as fast as I could make them. My dream had come true.My career got a giant boost when I met Wyland.  He and I hung in Livingston galleries  together and that was the first time I had seen his work.  He decided to open his own chain of galleries and I got in on the ground floor.  My work was now hanging with renown artists such as Roy Tabora, James Coleman and John Pitre.   For the next 15 years I toured the world giving art exhibitions, meeting wonderful people and painting the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

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