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Deborah Valiquet-Myers


Sub Title

image 22Like the world around us, my paintings are multi –layered studies of color, pattern, light and texture.

Each painting begins with a vision or concept that evolves almost with a life of its own.   Successive layers refine and articulate the voice of the piece.  As layers are added, some details are obscured, some are sanded or scrubbed through and new ones appear.   This process creates a multi-dimensional painting of depth and dimension, bold design and fine detail. The challenge is in letting the piece speak for itself and in knowing when it is complete.Although contemporary in style, old world details and architecturally reminiscent  fragments are interwoven in my paintings.  A unique blend of old and new is enhanced by the use of heavy dimensional texture, iridescent highlights, and metal leafs.  My materials include acrylic paints and inks; dimensional mediums; handmade papers; metallic powders and leaf; waxes; pastels and pen and ink.  Application is made using traditional brush work, palette knife, texture tools, stamps, resists and airbrush.I believe that the power of art lies not within the artist alone but in a deeper collective vision where the world itself is viewed as a work of art. My aim is to ignite something in the viewer that sets off a resonance within, invites their attention and draws them inward.  I am continually honored and excited that my collectors share my vision.

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